Our Customers Say the Nicest Things

Reviews for our Frankie for Acne

I Want to Start Off by Saying Wow! This Product is Amazing. 

I’ve had trouble for years with my skin and I wish I would have found this sooner. The three step process has my skin feeling fabulous as well as looking refreshed. I started using this process a few months ago and Iv noticed my skin start to change. I have a light to medium ratio of acne on my face and it takes a toll on my self esteem and confidence. So to find a product that I can use that meets all my needs I have to say I could not be more happy. The charcoal face wash is super light and makes my skin feel so soft after I use it. I also enjoy the toner that come with step two. And to end it with a nice light serum I feel like I am not putting too much on and clogging my pores. I just want to say Thank you for helping me with my skin Frankie! - Hannah McC.

Worth Every Single Penny!

If you are suffering from acne but not sure if you want to purchase this set because of the price, think again! I have had acne since I was 11 and I have tried every product out there. The past two years I have had terrible cystic acne, to the point where I couldn’t book as much modeling work. I didn’t want anyone to see my skin and it just added to my depression. A couple of my modeling friends from SoCal mentioned this set and their success stories with it. So over the holidays I ordered Frankie for Acne to give it a try, I was desperate. My skin is so sensitive and can react badly to products. This was not the case at all! After using it ONE TIME my skin was like “Yesss! This is what I’m talkin’ about!”. I’ve been using this acne set for four months now and my skin is the clearest it’s EVER been in my life. My confidence is back, my skin is so happy and glowing. I never thought I could look in the mirror again and see my skin as beautiful, and now I do. So thank you so much for creating a product that works wonders and is perfect for sensitive skin. What a life saver! Worth every single penny and has lasted me months. - Ty F.

This Product is Insane!

I have been using Frankie for Acne for about a month and a half now. I started at one of the lowest my skin has ever been, I could barely smile without my face hurting, I was so upset. I can say by the end of the first month I DEFINITELY saw results, with my experience a month alone with a product won't fully clear my skin, ever since I have fewer pimples, basically no cystic pimples anymore, all I have is hyper pigmentation and like 7 pimples (still a few, not as much as I used to have tho). My skin is still on the journey to becoming clear, but I know that clear skin is coming, with the help of Frankie for Acne. I would recommend this to anyone that has a little bit of acne or even cystic acne, I did not believe the hype until I tried it myself, and all I got to say is, the hype is real, just be consistent, eat well and be patient. Thank you Frankie! - Will S.

Reviews for Our Balance AHA-BHA Exfoliant

I Am in Love with the FP Skin Products

I am in love with the FP Skin products, specifically this toner! Recently, a friend of mine turned me onto this line and I couldn't be any happier! After using the Face Wash this Toner is the perfect way to start a fresh face in the morning! Due to all the natural ingredients your face doesn't feel dry or that it has too much moisture, it feels absolutely perfect after using the toner! I would strongly suggest the 3 step process for fresh, glowing skin! - Brooke B.

I Truly Love Balance So Much! 

I won't even travel without it. I can tell a difference if I don't use it. This stuff seriously works! – Dani S.

Frankie’s Trio has Restored My Skin

Frankie’s trio of Prep, Balance & Restore has changed my skin. After years of using topical meds from the dermatologist, it brought a life and a glow to it that I hadn’t had in so long. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Frankie is the skin whisperer. - Molly McQ.

Reviews for Our BFF Blemish Fighting Formula

It Just Wouldn’t Be Fair Not to Share This Secret!

The Blemish Fighting Factor (BFF) is my skin’s best friend forever! Truly, I have never used a skin product that is so effective. I don’t have bad acne, but I get an occasional giant cyst on my face that is impossible to hide. When I put the BFF on a newly developing cyst or pimple, it keeps it from getting worse and quickly calms the inflammation that has already occurred. It is amazing…I’ve never had pimples heal this quickly. I will be buying this product for all of my girlfriends because it just wouldn’t be fair to keep this beauty secret to myself! - Claudia K., PhD

Hello BFF, Bye Bye Blemishes!

I used to get so stressed when I felt that familiar pain coming from the swelling of a new breakout. I knew it would take weeks before it healed and probably leave a scare that would take many more weeks to fade. After I started using BFF I noticed that the healing was taking only a few days and never left a scar. I'm a believer, thank you Frankie. - Tayla F. 

Now I Get It, BFF is My Best Friend Forever!

What is worse, getting a big zit or having the treatment dry out you skin and make your face irritated. I love that BFF is organic, gentle, but highly effective. This stuff seriously works without the usual bad side effects. - Mimmi L. 

Reviews for our Frankie for Beauty Sleep

Thank you Frankie for Making My Life Better!

I never miss a night taking Beauty Sleep. I sleep so soundly now and wakeup feeling fantastic. Also not to toot my own horn, but my skin is literally flawless thank to you! - Barbara M. 

Where Have You Been Beauty Sleep?!

What a difference Beauty Sleep has made for me. Like most, I've been under huge stress and I wake up worried and can't fall back asleep. Beauty Sleep gives me a full nights sleep and I wake up feeling great. - Chloe F. 

Sleep is Just as Important as Exercise and Diet - Beauty Sleep is My New Secret Weapon!

Work related stress has kept me tossing and turning but after a week of taking Beauty Sleep every night, I'm getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and waking up feeling amazing! Thank you Frankie! - Adriana Y.