The Story of FP Skin

Signature Techniques for Every Woman

First, I believe that each of us is born beautiful in our own unique way. Maintaining our beauty over time requires making a series of good life decisions. No lotion, potion, or procedure can fully offset the effects of abusing one’s body. Choose to eat healthy, get enough restful sleep, practice yoga, drink plenty of water, be responsible with your alcohol and sugar intake, and minimize sun exposure and the stress you allow into your life. The combined effects of the adoption of these habits will make a significant difference in your health and your appearance. Adopt a consistent daily routine of deeply cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. As you age, understand that maintaining the appearance of youth will become more difficult and require more than simple daily maintenance. Modern science has in fact learned techniques to combat the effects of aging. Learn for yourself what is appropriate for you and make a plan to regularly take advantage of the benefits offered by the advancement of anti-aging products and procedures.


Not to sound cliché, but FP Skin products were formulated to be what I always wished that I had available in a skin care line, so I use my own products regularly. I start each morning by washing my face with Prep and a Clarisonic brush, then press in Balance with a cotton round to exfoliate, and finish with Restore as my daily moisturizer. This 3-step daily routine takes about 2-3 minutes. If I’m suffering with hormonal breakouts I use BFF, by FP Skin, throughout the day. At night the routine is the same but I will add Un-liner, by FP Skin, around my eyes to insure that I wake up looking fresh and rested. I also enjoy the signature FP Skin facial twice each month. This treatment includes extractions, micro-dermabrasion, micro needling, enzyme peels, LED light therapy, Biologique Recherche Remodeling galvanic micro-current therapy, and CoolLift Cryo with a hyaluronic acid deep moisturizing therapy.

At age 35, I started a quarterly routine of a deeper fruit acid peel to maintain a smooth texture, and a little Botox at the corner of my eyes and forehead to stop deep wrinkles from forming.


After surviving two bouts of malignant melanoma, I learned that chemicals placed on our skin are absorbed directly into our blood stream and many of the commonly used synthetic compounds found in skin care products can cause toxic reactions. Just as I eat organic unprocessed foods, and abstain from ingesting synthetic chemicals, I am mindful about what touches my skin. FP Skin products are custom manufactured in a USDA–Certified organic lab in the USA. Our ingredients are sourced from organic plants, milk, and the sea to deliver nutrients that are more easily absorbed and cause fewer allergic reactions and side effects. FP Skin products ban fillers commonly found in competitors products and contain no; sulfates, phosphates, parabens, phthalates, isopropyl alcohol, petroleum bio products, mineral oil, lanolin, silicone, dimethicon, pesticide residues, synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives.


It is inevitable that we will all age, but we can control how we age, and we can choose to age with grace. Establishing healthy long–term habits, finding joy in our every day life, and surrounding ourselves with the people and god’s creatures that bring us joy, makes us feel young. Feeling and acting young is the first-step toward looking young. Remember that your face is your calling card, and the first impression that you make. Be consistent with a daily routine to care for your skin.