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FPSkin Smooth Body Lotion is rich and creamy with active ingredients to render fabulous, Frankie-like smooth results. With a powerful punch from sunflowers, Silk Peptides and Glycolic Acid, Smooth Body Lotion exfoliates and hydrates skin leaving the body SMOOTH, refined and lovingly hydrated without any greasy feel.

Size: 250ml

How to use

Apply daily for ultimate smoothing results, especially hips, elbows, and that crepey skin on top of knees. Do not apply to irritated or broken skin. For external use only.

Active Ingredients: Glycolic Acid 10%

Gluten Free · Paraben & Phthalate Free · Sulfate Free


With a scent of sparkling grapefruit, lathering bubbles made from coconut and Vitamin B5 to hydrate, this Alpha Hydroxy Acid body wash is sure to awaken the senses and smooth the skin to silk by floating away impurities and dead skin. Leaves skin radiant and sleek.

Size: 250ml

How to Use

Use a pump or two and lather. Apply to sponge, washcloth or exfoliating mitt and gently wash yourself all over. Rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry and follow with FPSkin Smooth Body Lotion. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. For external use only. 

Active Ingredients: Lactic Acid 2%

Gluten Free · Paraben & Phthalate Free · Sulfate Free




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