Frankie for Beauty Sleep



Turns out mother does know best — you need your beauty sleep!
It’s only during deep sleep that stress hormone levels drop low enough to trigger a release of human growth hormone.  This natural cycle allows healthy cellular division, improves immune function, and replenishes your skin’s lost collagen.  
Dual-Action Frankie for Beauty Sleep is clinically proven to promote stage 4, REM sleep while providing your body proper nutrition when you need it the most.
Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, wake-up feeling and looking your best!

Signs of sleep deprivation:

Sleepiness during the daytime, yawning, irritability, fatigue, slow decision-making, confusion, lack of attention to detail, poor communication, difficulty with follow through, immune compromised, short temper, and little patience.

Effects of sleep deprivation:

Premature aging of the skin, low immune function, inflammation, weight gain, anxiety, depression, paranoia, confusion, frustration, damaged personal relationships, an increased risk of chronic disease (such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease), disruption of normal cellular mitosis, permanent loss of brain cells, and premature death.



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