3 Reasons Why Benzoyl Peroxide is Really Bad

3 Reasons Why Benzoyl Peroxide is Really Bad

Benzoyl peroxide, known for its ability to kill bacteria, has been used to treat skin infections since the 1890's. And this should concern you. 

When you're desperate for relief from breakouts or an acne flare up, all you want are soothing, hydrating, gentle, healing products that support your skin's health not destroy it right? Benzoyl peroxide is not the solution. 

A synthetic chemical that is distilled from petroleum, this old school chemical remains the most widely used over the counter acne medication in the United States and continues to be the primary active ingredient in many of the most advertised acne brands.  This is a good thing isn't it? Not so fast.

The side effects of benzoyl peroxide continue to be the culprit responsible for the fear many have of acne treatments and the reason that the EU (European Union) has banned the chemical from all over-the-counter skin care products.  Benzoyl peroxide causes the familiar 'red face' during the first 6-8 weeks of treatment, as the top layer of skin is literally burned away. Let me share that again... this compound BURNS AWAY YOUR SKIN. Benzoyl peroxide cannot discern between eradicating the healthy bacteria and the acne causing bacteria, so it attacks all bacteria equally.  You've heard I'm sure that taking antibiotics is often times the only way to heal someone suffering from a virus, but we all know that antibiotics kills everything in its path, all the good bacteria along with the bad. Same scenario with BP. Elimination of the good bacteria, and drying the skin to the point of being raw from peeling and flaking leaves skin vulnerable to secondary infections.

Bad, really bad.   

Your amazing, intuitive skin is the body’s largest organ and quickly absorbs whatever chemical or compound placed upon it directly into the bloodstream.  With modern plant derived acne treatments offering safe and effective alternatives to old school industrial chemicals, using petroleum on your skin isn't the only solution anymore. 

According to Francesca Paige, owner of FP Skin and the creator of FRANKIE for Acne, "Petroleum based chemicals are not necessarily bad for your skin or toxic, Vaseline is a great example. It is however, supporting a polluting industry so there is an environmental issue we're very conscious of." Well, frankly, they haven't heard about FRANKIE for Acne.

This obvious pitch for our incredibly safe and effective acne treatment products is genuinely innocent because we really do not want anyone to use a BP-based product even if that means you're not buying FRANKIE for Acne. Now, if you were someone who has tried so many acne treatment products and have found no relief then perhaps you would do yourself and your incredibly wonderful skin a favor and give us a try. Whatever you decide please, please stay away from nasty benzoyl peroxide, OK?

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